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How To Assemble Stainless Steel Hose Ends:

Required Tools:
1. A Vice
2. Properly Sized Wrenches, and string tape.
3. A grinder with cut-off wheel

4. Dykes
4. String Tape


Building The Hose:

  To cut braided stainless steel hose, tightly wrap the end you wish to cut with string tape.
Using a cut-off wheel slowly slice through the center of the tape. If you cut to fast the wheel will kick causing the end to fray. Use the dykes to cut off any stray wires.
You should now have an end that looks like this.
Take your hose end and jam it horizontally in your vise.
Use your fingers to squeeze the flaired braid of the hose and put the hose into the flaired end of the fitting, bottom first.
Use your thumbs to push the remaining fray into the fitting. Once all the fray is in, push and turn(screw) the hose into the fitting.
Stop pushing when the once the hose is within an 1/8 inch of the threads.
Flip the hose and fitting vertical.
Wet the tapered end of the insert with oil, and thread it into the fitting. Make sure it doesn't push the hose out.
You have now assembled your first hose end. Only five more to go.